Monday, 11 April 2011

King's Lynn by the river

It was a sunny Sunday, with little wind. I walked up stream along the east bank, crossed a bridge, and then walked down stream along the west bank. The river was unusually still for most of the walk, and this allowed some interesting reflections of the buildings and the sky.
King's Lynn from West Lynn

King's Lynn from West Lynn - Custom House

From the road-way in West Lynn, the towers of St Margaret's Church are visible over the river

Looking down to King's Lynn as the river sweeps to the left

Very still water allows the buildings and sky to reflect in the river

The river bending over to the left gives a really wide view of water and the Town reflecting in it

Here some ripples on the water's surface show up how still the rest of the river is

One more long shot of the water with King's Lynn reflecting in the water

Saturday, 26 March 2011

King's Lynn in Feb

Some pictures taken in February 2011:

Hardings Pit

Hardings Pit - the Wise Owl

Sunset Falls

Even the paperworks looks stunning in the sun

A panorama from up stream

Monday, 29 November 2010

King's Lynn snow day - November 29, 2010

After a night of snow South Quay is quiet and the river is calm, 
reflecting the clouds above.

Although sunny here, we can see that upstream
it is still snowing.

At the War Memorial the snow is still undisturbed.

At the entrance to The Walks, the snow is
already well trodden from people walking to work.

Still at The Walks.

This fountain is running, with the water frozen into icicles.
Where the sun has caught one side it is thawing, leading to
this lop-sided look.

A close up view of the frozen fountain.

Looking back at the Frozen Fountain.

It is a happy moment, with the sun breaking through
and shining on the white show.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

True's Yard, King's Lynn

True's Yard is all that remains of King's Lynn's old fishing community, the North End, 
which existed for hundreds of years, and which was finally demolished in 
the clearances of the 1930’s and the 1960’s.

Please visit the website ( for more information.

These pictures were taken during a visit on 3rd August 2010. 

The Fisherman's Cottages - Note that these are
two cottages, each with one room
upstairs, and one down.

The cottages had no sanitation or kitchen - not the bath tub
on the wall.

Inside one of the cottages - this would have been the 
only heating inside the house

Inside the second cottage, as it would have been
set up to keep the family dry and warm

A picture of "Lol" Benefer, who lived in
this 2 room cottage and brought up 17 children. 

The staircase between floors

An original fishing boat from the 18th Century

Note the small amount
of space for the fishermen to walk - must
have been dangerious on the rough North Sea

The front of the fishing boat, and anchor

Interesting use of the term "Fisher Boys"
 in this 19th Century poster

A reconstruction of the scene on the old Lynn docks

A model of one of the type of boats that
sailed from Lynn into the North Sea

The old Smoke House - the last one remaining in King's Lynn

Inside the old Smoke House

Monday, 26 July 2010

Clifton House Tower, King's Lynn

Clifton House is a really old building - ith parts from the 13th century,
up the the 18th Century

Please visit their website ( for more information.

The Owners, who are slowly restoring the building to its former glory,
open the building to visitors a few days a year - these pictures were
taken at such an open day on July 25th, 2010


The Kitchen

Dining Room

Reception room

An upstairs hall way

The main staircase - note the moulding between the windows

The bottom of the main staircase

Modern flooring is opened to show the original tile flooring

Reception room

The tower:
One of the tower rooms with wall painting from around 1620

The Tower:
The decorations are representing tapestry, which was 
the most expensive thing to line rooms with at the time

The Tower:
One of the Tower rooms still under renovation

View from the top of the tower over the Old town of Lynn

View from the top of the tower.